1) Mix the tube of Gold Colorazzione hair color with the same amount of peroxide (1+1) in a plastic bowl. Blend to a smooth consistency. Note: blondes have a 1:2 mixing ratio.

2) Apply to dry hair with a brush starting in the area with the most gray hair or starting in the nape area of the head.

3) Evenly apply the cream to the shaft area of the hair.

4) Allow the full development time as indicated.

5) After timing is complete, rinse thoroughly with warm water until all of the hair color has been removed. Next, shampoo with Color Protecting Shampoo and rinse well with warm water.

Note: When dealing with difficult to cover gray hair, the proportion of the peroxide emulsion should be greatly reduced.

Fantasy colors on grey hair (Reds, Coppers, Mahoganies, and Violets): Add a natural or golden tone to increase gray hair coverage.